For over 20 years, Opportunity Search has provided technical staffing and recruiting assistance to companies throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC looking to fill open IT positions and job candidates seeking technical and IT jobs in the area. Below are testimonials from employers and job candidates, and our satisfied client base is growing!


“I have worked with Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search for almost six years, over which time he has filled some thirty (30) positions in my firm. One of the biggest reasons why I have stayed with him so long and prefer him to other recruiters is his ability to very quickly zero in on well-qualified candidates. I can have a ten minute conversation with Marc and know that he will generate people for me to interview that he has screened to ensure that they are both qualified as well as a good fit for my organization. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Larry Driskill, Hiring Director

“While working for a major Defense and Intelligence consulting firm in Northern Virginia, I had the unique experience of working with Opportunity Search to help fill some very strategic and tactical openings. I was continuously impressed with not only the quality of the candidates presented to me but the level of professionalism on the part of Opportunity Search from beginning to end of their assignments.”

Joe Jurasek Sr., Technical Recruiter

“I have had the opportunity to work for many reputable Fortune 100 companies, Big 5 consulting firms, and internet based start-ups in Human Resources. Opportunity Search, Inc. is like my American Express card, I never staff another project without them.”

“When it comes to staffing, Opportunity Search, Inc. has been my organization of choice for more than 5 years. Their delivery of results tells the story.”

“Diversity of staffing services offerings, quick response time, and the ability to close the deal is what keeps me coming back to Opportunity Search, Inc.”

David Oliver, Staffing Manager

“We’ve just reached our one year anniversary at our global exchange organization. Since day one, Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search, Inc. played a substantial role for me in the placement of our staff. His knowledge in technology and business helped recruit the top candidates in the country, which in turn continues to add to the success of the company. If you need a position placed, Marc will go above and beyond to find the resources necessary to provide you with the right candidate for the job. He’s thorough, detail oriented, and fun to work with! What more can you ask for?”

Elisa Kimberly, Director of Human Resources

“Marc is one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and well connected recruiters I have had the pleasure of working with from both the client and customer side of this business. Marc is an industry rare breed possessing both the personal and business skills and network needed to make critical executive placements in a variety of technical industries. Marc has the ability to combine his professional talent and experience with a rare kind of personable style within the recruiting industry. He has the rare ability to really get to know his clients and customers both personally and professionally bringing forth his industry experience and expertise to place the highest level and strategic executive positions. I recommend him to any small to larger enterprise technology organizations looking for results with a rare personal style and network that set’s him above the competition.”

Joanne Luger, Director of Corporate Sales


“Marc Tappis’ of Opportunity Search ability to comprehend my unique skills and quickly match them with open positions at local companies enabled me to choose an outstanding offer in a very short period of time. This was particularly important since I was both changing companies and moving my young family from California to the Washington D.C. area. This meant that all of my interviews had to be coordinated, so I could complete them with one trip.”

“I enjoyed the eight years I spent at the first job that Marc helped me get. I have been with my current job for about seven years; Marc assisted me with this one too.”

“Marc and I have known each other and kept in touch since 1986. Several times I have given Marc a call for people with special skills, and each time Marc has quickly sent me their resumes. And yes, my company has hired them! Need I say more?”

Dan Hutchison, Director of Technology

“Marc Tappis of Opportunity Search placed me at my current position with a major Defense Contractor in Northern Virgina. He has a wonderful personality. He explains his every move and does not pressure you into anything. I enjoy working with him; he adds the right amount of professionalism and friendship. I only refer my friends to Marc Tappis.”

Renee Crews, Software Engineer

“Opportunity Search has been my recruiting firm of choice since the early 90s. They placed me at a major DOD contractor as a Software Engineer a few years after I graduated from college. I turned to them again about five years later after my company reorganized and had a major reduction in force. They then placed me as a Program Manager. Most recently they placed me a third time in a Director level position. They seem to always have the contacts and handle things in a professional manner. I have referred a number of qualified candidates to them that have been extremely satisfied and will continue to do so in the future.”

Richard Williamson, Director of Technology